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Glass Lid Shatter

Why did my glass lid shatter?

Our glass lids are made of tempered glass. Our greatest concern is that our products are used with safety, confidence and satisfaction from our consumers.

There is frequent misconception that tempered glass is "unbreakable". A characteristic of tempered glass, when broken, is that it fractures into hundreds of small, relatively harmless pieces versus the jagged shards of annealed glass.  This is by design and is excellent proof of a well-tempered product, not of a defective product. 

Another characteristic of tempered glass is the possibility of "spontaneous or delayed breakage" where, over time, scratches on the lid, visible or invisible to the eye, will weaken the tempering of the glass, eventually causing the lid to explode or implode for no apparent reason. Such scratches may be caused by using a scouring pad to clean your lid, use of harsh abrasives or other nicks caused by utensils or cooking.  Finally, extreme temperature change can result in glass lid breakage. This information is provided in the Use & Care section for all of our cookware with glass lids.

Please contact our Customer Service Department via this website by clicking on submit a question or  live chat to create your account and submit your issue to us. Make sure to let us know the brand and line of your product you have, size and type of pot associated with the lid and we will be happy to send you a new lid.

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