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Is Teflon® harmful to my health?

Is Teflon harmful to my health?

Products made with Teflon® nonstick coatings are completely safe for everyday consumer and commercial use.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration and health regulatory agencies around the world.have found Autograph and Teflon nonstick coatings acceptable for conventional kitchen use.


There are millions of pots and pans coated with Teflon® coatings in use around the world, and consumers have used these products safely without health problems for more than 40 years.


Additional information regarding the use of products with nonstick coatings:

Nonstick coatings are safe for everyday kitchen use.

Low or medium heat is recommended for cookware with nonstick surfaces. However, nonstick coatings can withstand temperatures up to 500°F, which is well above what is typically recommended for frying and baking.

Nonstick cookware made with Teflon® is completely safe for consumer use, but like any home or houseware product, these products can be misused and abused.

Nonstick coatings are formulated and quality tested to resist chipping and peeling. However, the nonstick finish can be damaged if the Use & Care for your product is not followed. In the event that particles from the nonstick coatings are accidentally ingested, there is no danger because the coatings are inert and nontoxic.

Fumes from a grossly overheated coating may produce temporary flu-like symptoms. There are no long-term health effects, and this situation can be avoided by proper ventilation and cooking practices.

Visit the U.S. Envirnmental Protection Agency or download the attached PDF for more information on nonstick coating safety.

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